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Weather you have a show or event in the early stages of development, or a finished piece ready to go on tour. Navigating the technical elements can be daunting. What is possible in different locations and what does all the technical jargon mean? 


With over a decade of professional experience to pull on, and having worked on countless productions in a range of spaces, from small scale, rural performances with limited capabilities, to large scale shows and events in purpose built, fully kitted out venues and theatres. I can help you understand what is needed to achieve your aims, whilst staying on budget and on time. I can liaise with venues or clients on your behalf, provide technical plans outlining the lighting, sound or video requirements needed, or just offer some impartial advise.


I also have extensive experience of specifying and installing equipment into spaces to ensure they are fit for purpose, particularly in educational environments where budgets may be tight, but the spaces need to be flexible to cater for a range of student work. 

Be it to ask a single question or start the conversation for a bigger project - Get in touch